• Lovinger Robertson

Our practice

focuses on the integration of architecture and the garden, at a range of project scales from community and institutional site planning to residential design.

We analyze

all of the forces acting on a place in order to present a cohesive design vision and a complete understanding of the:

  • Client's desires
  • Existing and planned architectural elements
  • Landscape context of the site
  • Ecology and climate of the site
    and of the region
  • Influence of the regional character
  • Opportunities hidden in contraints
  • Evolution of the planting design
    through the seasons and the years

We value collaboration

within our office, with other design professionals, the contractors that will realize our designs, and foremost with the client. We leave no voice unheard, or insight ignored.

Our proposals

are expressed through a process of investigation that reveals the underlying nature of the place and the people who will inhabit it - what it asks to be.

Our style

is dependent on that investigation. We have no single favorite signature "look." We refuse to impose a limited palette upon a widely varied world.

From conception to completion

our oversight ensures a personal attention to each garden, providing continuity of communication and vision throughout.


Justine Lovinger

Justine Lovinger

Justine Lovinger brings a depth of understanding to her projects as a result of over 20 years of practice, teaching, and extensive travel and study of the cultural landscapes and gardens of the world, all of which have contributed to an innate and accessible sense of proportion and timeless beauty. As a third generation Oregonian, she is also deeply rooted in her local community and the unique qualities of the Oregon landscape.  Justine is a graduate of the University of Oregon (BLA 1991), and Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design (MLA 1996). She is a registered Landscape Architect in the State of Oregon.

Jackie Robertson

Jackie Robertson

Jackie Robertson fell in love with Oregon in 1975, and has lived and gardened there almost continuously ever since. She was inspired to study Landscape Architecture after beginning to design the landscape for her personal rural and deer plagued paradise, which she now maintains as a demonstration garden for the firm. She earned her degree at the University of Oregon (BLA, 2006), is a registered Landscape Architect in Oregon, and has been practicing with Justine since 2003. Her prior 30-year career was in aviation, culminating in 18 years as a domestic and international pilot for United Airlines. During those travels, she was fortunate to have visited many of the world’s most famous gardens and urban public spaces, bringing home a wealth of understanding of style and scale. The combination of her work and studies has melded invaluable skills in project and resource management with artful design for a creative and practical approach to landscape transformation. 


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