Planting Solutions For A Wet Climate

As winter approaches, it can become a challenge to maintain your garden. Many plants fail to flourish in the onslaught of heavy rains and precipitation, primarily because of excess water and lack of oxygen. While some plants struggle to survive in Eugene’s wet winter climate, others thrive. Here is a list of several plants that perform well in wet winter soil:

The Big Leaf Maple tree is an elegant and stately tree native to the Willamette Valley that provides cool shade in the summer and grows large leaves which can be composted or used to curb weed growth.

Hellebores are beautiful flowers that are able to withstand extreme weather.

Mock Orange is a shrub that supplies food and shelter to birds while also yielding beautiful white flowers.

Tulips can be planted in the fall, as can daffodils and hyacinths. These spring-flowering bulbs are beautiful and capable of withstanding Eugene’s winter climate.

If you grow your own vegetables, fall planting season is also a good time to consider next summer’s harvest (garlic, for example). It is also appropriate to transplant trees and shrubs from your landscape at this time.