Proper Landscape Drainage: A MUST for Successful Landscape Design

The Willamette Valley is rich in color and vegetation as a result of frequent rains and natural underground water springs, but occasionally aspects of this kind of climate can hinder the vitality of a homeowner’s landscape. An abundance of precipitation coupled with an inefficient drainage system will result in soggy lawns and garden beds at best, and in the worst case can result in unhealthy plants, a ruined lawn and a damaged foundation.

Proper exterior drainage diverts water away from the home, yard and landscape, and requires careful evaluation of the site’s natural landscape and climate. In concert with this evaluation, appropriate decisions will be made regarding various drainage options and which of these options are best suited to your home’s landscape design. We invite you to explore a number of drains that can be installed to facilitate proper drainage:

French drains, wrapped in landscape fabric and masked in rock, offer a subtle solution for homes with raised planters.

Area or floor drains are placed in yards with shallow spaces that collect water during heavy rains as a means of preventing mosquito growth and foundation damage.

A gutter with a downspout that drains away from the home and yard is a necessary staple for homeowners who wish to protect their home from interior and exterior water damage.

Foundation drains are a requirement for new construction, but older homes may need to have a foundation drain installed on the edge of or beneath the foundation.

Channel drains protect your lawn and garden from patio runoff and are long channels in a concrete surface that allow water to filter into the pipes below which direct the flow of precipitation away from the home and landscape.

At Lovinger Robertson Landscape Architects, we take even the smallest details into consideration. One of our many priorities is to design a functional drainage system along with a master design plan that together will culminate in a practical and timeless landscape design.